Discover Trang

Botanical Garden

The latest tourist destination is out for those who are nature lovers and interested in different plant species. Trang’s botanical garden has a series of raised walkway through jungle canopy with a height of 18 metres and 175 metres long. There is also, of course, a herbal garden, botanical library, plant museum, and a technical meeting center. They also accomodate people who wants to stay overnight.

Mainland Beaches

The warm, crystal waters are one of the main attraction in the province of Trang.The scenic coastal road makes for a worthwhile motorbiking excursions. Its view looks out to high limestone karst. The Haad Pakmeng hosts a cluster of resorts and restaurants that are very popular in the district.


Trang province is a home to more than 10 waterfalls and is believed that most of it are one of the best. Some of these are the Tone Tok Waterfall, Sairung and Praisawan Waterfalls, Tone Teh, Roi Chan Pan Wang Waterfall (which means “Hundred of steps, thousand of places”).